Aller Aqua Classic Vitamax is best used in the early spring / late Autumn when the fish need that extra boost to either bring them out of winter or to help them into winter, with a 30% Protein and 7% fat you can be rest assured the fish will be digesting all the nutrient’s available including the special Vitamax formula which will help the fish fight off any unwanted bacteria or parasites to ensure your fish stay in tip top condition.

Look at it as a multivitamin for fish.

The Classic Vitamax is the perfect feed to use in conjunction with the Primo. If you use the Classic Vitamax in the colder months 12c and below and then use the Primo 12c above you’ll be optimising the growth and welfare of your fish.

ALLER CLASSIC VITAMAX has been created specifically for the nutritional need of carp and enriched with Aller Aqua's VITAMAX-formulation. The functional ingredients of VITAMAX stimulate the natural immune system of the fish and thus its resistance against illnesses. VITAMAX can also be used in advance of stressful situations such as handling, transportation, poor water quality, high temperatures and disease. VITAMAX is further recommended in advance of vaccinations to ensure maximum effect.


Included On All Orders (UK Mainland only)

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Classic Vitamax - 8mm - 25kg

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