Parvo - Coarse Fish Pellets

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  • Parvo 0.5-1.0mm - 20kg
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    Parvo 0.5-1.0mm - 20kg

    Parvo 0.5-1.0mm Aller Aqua Parvo is the newest edition to the range. Parvo is a granular fry food designed for feeding small Carp and because it's a variety of small...

Parvo by Aller Aqua

The Aller Aqua Pavo is a granular feed specifically designed for feeding fry. The size of the crumb varies to help fish grow in uniformity rather than some shooting ahead of others.

The Parvo is used when the fish are around 0.5-1" once they grow to around 2" + we then advise to move them on to the Aller Thalassa 2mm for bests results.

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