Aller Aqua Primo Float Plus is a high grade floating Koi food.

With highly digestible natural raw materials such as krill meal, fish meal and fish oil are contained in optimal proportions in the feed.

  • High-quality krill flour stimulates the fish's appetite through its taste.
  • The high vitamin and pigment content of krill meal supports the well-being of the fish as well as the coloring of the skin and scales.
  • Outstanding skin coloration is also achieved through added astaxanthines.
  • The feed is rich in phospholipids and peptides, which positively influence the cell function and microflora of the fish intestine and strengthen the immune system.

In order to ensure ideal environmental conditions for the fish, the stability of pellets and faeces was given special consideration in the formulation of the feed .


Included On All Orders (UK Mainland only)

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Primo Float Plus - 6mm - 15kg

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